Sheet metal welding

Our 'welding division' was created to meet the need to outsource the most critical and delicate work.
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Welding is an operation which, to simplify, is essentially based on the joining of two metal components.
Thanks to a team of trained and certified operators, INPLAF is able to offer its customers the possibility of receiving a semi-finished product ready for assembly, whether mechanical or thermal.
In line with the standards of ISO 3834 certification, the composition of profiles and products with reinforcements, brackets, tubes and components of various geometries is carried out.
We do this on both galvanised and black steel.
The welds are subsequently protected in the case of pre-galvanised assemblies or, at the customer's request, hot-dip galvanised in the case of black steel.
Light steelwork, structural elements and small assemblies are produced daily and carefully checked before palletisation and dispatch.
MIG/MAG welding, which is more productive and suitable for carbon steels, is used for most of the work.

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We have 6 welding stations available.

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