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INPLAF offers reliability, confidentiality, technical expertise, production quality and adherence to delivery times.

Why should you choose INPLAF?

INPLAF manufactures profiles exclusively according to the customer's design, regulating relations with professional ethics and, where required, signing confidentiality clauses.

The Commercial Department draws up offers only after careful technical analysis regarding the feasibility of the project and each phase of processing; the material, which normally originates from coils, is then shaped and transformed thanks to cutting lines, bending machines, punching machines and laser cutting, finally obtaining the semi-finished product with drilling, notching and deformation with special tools, which follow the specifications and requests of the final customer.

Optionally, Inplaf also has a welding department, where certified personnel produce assembled parts, such as channels with downpipes, profiles with end plates, welding of tubular elements and more.

Selected suppliers work alongside INPLAF to supplement the surface protection of the products with treatments such as powder coating, hot-dip galvanising and electrolytic coating.

Unless otherwise requested, all raw materials are certified, coming from national and European steel mills, and the long-standing collaboration with qualified service centres allows for quick availability of materials not in stock.

The integrated logistics service guarantees the regularity of national shipments thanks to its own vehicles or by using a dense network of specialised collaborators with whom it also manages international deliveries.

Our numbers

35.000 mq

of company area

9.000 mq

are covered

24,000 tonnes

per year of processed material

4000 tonnes

of raw material in stock

Our warehouse

A strategic source for order management: the warehouse for the storage of raw materials has an average stock of more than 4,000 tonnes, which guarantees high availability of materials.
The most frequently used products of which INPLAF can ensure an almost constant presence are:

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Prepainted sheet metal

0.5 to 1.5 mm thick in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Sendzimir galvanised sheet

from 0.5 to 4 mm thick, S250 quality, other qualities on request, in various formats and weights of zinc.

Stainless steel

AISI 304 fin. 2B 0.6 mm thick in various formats, other thicknesses and qualities on request.

Raw and pre-painted aluminium

Special materials such as Magnelis or high-strength steels are supplied for specific orders.

Black sheet metal

from 1.5 to 20 mm thick, S235JR quality or better.
Il nostro magazzino
Gestione delle commesse

Order management

The synergy between the sales department, technical department and purchasing department, the many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the market and the specific customer generate "tailor-made" technical/economic proposals on a daily basis.
Quick answers and clear and fast communication are particularly appreciated by customers, and are one of INPLAF's distinctive features.
Reliability and proximity are ensured by the constant presence on the territory with regular and on-demand visits, and where necessary after-sales service.
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The packaging and packing of products are specifically designed to optimise volumes and respect the unloading and storage habits and requirements of each individual customer.

The use of our own means of transport and long-standing relationships with the most reliable international transporters allow rapid and widespread distribution of semi-finished products by wheel (truck) and ship (container).
The carefully studied optimisation of loading space enables considerable savings to be made by exploiting the carriers' maximum capacities in most cases.

INPLAF è diventata Eco Responsabile e certificata FDES

INPLAF, nel perseguire un continuo miglioramento normativo, ha aggiunto alle molteplici certificazioni in suo possesso la Certificazione FDES.

Creata ed ottenuta specialmente per il mercato francofono, Una FDES è una Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire (Scheda di Dichiarazione Ambientale e Sanitaria). Questa scheda é realizzata al fine d’informare l’utilizzatore dell’impatto ambientale e sanitario del prodotto analizzato. La FDES riguarda soltanto i prodotti per l’edilizia ed è elaborata a partire dall’analisi dell’intero ciclo di vita del prodotto.

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Il nostro obiettivo?

Produrre e commercializzare prodotti sempre più sostenibili.

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Il miglioramento degli aspetti sanitari del prodotto, l’efficientamento dei processi produttivi, la comunicazione trasparente degli impatti ambientali dei prodotti e la possibilità di accedere agevolmente al mercato dei building sostenibili, certificati ad esempio con protocolli LEED e BREEAM, sono solo alcuni dei vantaggi che derivano dalla pubblicazione di una FDES.

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