Sheet metal cutting

The first step in the production process: fast and precise cutting lines.
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INPLAF offers high-performance, innovative technology for processing and cutting sheet metal.

Our cutting lines, equipped with a reel unwinder, flattening machine and, in some cases, an in-line punching machine, are the starting point from which the entire production flow develops.

The maximum dimensions of the reels or strips that can be used are 1500 mm wide and 4 mm thick. For non-standard formats, shears are used to cut sheets up to 6 metres wide and 4 mm thick.

The strips produced in this way, shaped and punched, can be made available for further processing.

The wide range of our production includes:

  • High-medium-low thickness galvanised steels
  • Medium-low thickness pre-painted steels
  • Special steels with customised formats for each customer.

All of our production is optimised and managed with a view to respecting the timescales necessary to guarantee fluidity of work, even in the presence of the large production volumes that distinguish us.

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The division consists of new, efficient cutting lines and strip punching machines.

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