Roll Forming

Continuous section metal profiles

A high productivity technology to create continuous section metal profiles.

Roll forming is a continuous process which converts sheet metal into an engineered shape using consecutive sets of mated rolls, each of which makes only incremental changes in the form. The sum of these small changes in form is a complex profile. Usually the profiling speed depends on the rotation speed of the rollers which can vary from 3 to 15 meters per minute depending on the profile complex.

The latest generation profiling machines can be optionally equipped with punching tools to create holes of different section, size and shape, during the profiling process, to facilitate the last assembly phase. There are a number of advantages to roll forming.


Thanks to the “assembly line” efficiency of roll forming, it is possible to produce and cut long pieces of metal in large quantities, reducing costs, which is why it is usually used for large orders and large campaigns.

Our standard profiles


Z Profiles

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C Profiles

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Sigma Profiles

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Uncompromising quality and flexibility

INPLAF srl has rethought and customized this new production resource based on customer needs and market evolution.



The tools can be calibrated, for the same design, in a certain dimensional range, without long and expensive production stops.

Easy managment

Easy managment

The line can work according to the “Just in Time” principle, reasonably reducing volume obligations by the client.



The multi-tool punching plotter, integrated into the line, offers the possibility of “drawing” the holes on the profile, according to the customer’s needs and specifications without almost any positioning limit, adding a important flexibility


Certified Standards

The profiles made with this equipment follow tolerances and bending characteristics according to the UNI EN 10162 standard, and at the same
time according to the UNI ISO 1090-1, certification owned by INPLAF, in the case of structural profiles used in construction and engineering projects.

Furthermore, the products of this line, like the other Inplaf productions, have obtained the LCA certification, verified thanks to the FDES certification, based on the NF EN 15804+A1 and NF EN 15804/CN standards obtained with the aim of informing the end user about the the environmental and health impact of the products used.

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