Laser cutting of sheet metal

A complete production range to overcome the limits of traditional machining.
Taglio laser landing

Laser cutting is a very precise operation that guarantees more linear results than traditional cutting processes.

In order to overcome the limitation of traditional machining, such as in the punching phase, and in the face of greater steel thicknesses, it is necessary to introduce the thermal separation procedure which heats the material until it melts.

Our production facilities incorporate an extremely efficient and productive laser-cutting machine, most of the time involved in the manufacture of thick plate - usually a maximum of 20mm - to customer specifications and geometries.

The products, in most cases, are made of non-galvanised steel, which can be hot-dip galvanised at a later date if required.

Taglio laser main

The processing is carried out with a 3KW laser cutting machine with a 1.5x3m working surface.

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