Metal sheet bending

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The knowledge of steel and the know-how of our operators are the driving force and the hallmark of INPLAF, which has been working for over 40 years to guarantee a high level of service.

Our latest-generation press brakes allow us to carry out unique and precise processing, with fast turnaround times even in the presence of large production volumes.

The dimensional limits of the profiles produced are 12 metres by 4 mm thickness, but on request it is possible to obtain more important thicknesses for shorter lengths.

The tools are optimised for:

- Folds in air

- Bends with different radii

- 'Compression' bends

The result is a versatility that can meet the needs of any market and field of use.

The care and attention we pay to the material in every process, such as the use of protective films or proper handling, minimises the possibility of aesthetic and therefore functional defects.

It is a fundamental objective for us to achieve optimum results and to guarantee an efficient service for every customer who decides to put their trust in us.

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Our fleet consists of 20 hydraulic and electric press brakes of different lengths and power. Each of them is specific to a particular product; from long presses for certified structural profiles to short presses for thin pre-painted accessories.

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